Keltic Cowboys

In 1996, hot on the heels of the Irish-Punk Movement, Frank Mackey formed the Keltic Cowboys. In 1997 the self titled album Keltic Cowboys was released featuring the song Kiss My Irish Ass.

With 22 members over the past 20 years the band has opened up for or played with Flogging Molly, Young Dubliners, The Specials, The Mahones, Gaelic Storm, and the Bollox.

Some of the band’s achievements include the Best of New Times Award 1998, Paddy Rock Radios Top 20 CD of 2008 “Pay For Our Sins 2morrow”, as well as being featured in Spike TV’s 2015 Guy’s Choice Awards. The song Kiss My Irish Ass was used during Liam Neeson’s movie montage for his award Biggest Ass Kicker.